Get inspired by e-Estonia

Estonia is an incredible success story, grown out of a partnership between a forward-thinking government, a proactive ICT sector, and a switched-on, tech-savvy population. The success of the Estonian digital society stems from its role as an insightful and courageous implementer of new ideas and technologies. Zero-bureaucracy with proactive e-services, blockchain and AI integration is the reality here. Keep up with the news about one of most digitalized states via my e-governance blog.

Services and events

Kick off your event with an inspiring success story or discussion about a digital transformation, designing efficient state service delivery system that addresses peoples needs, technology-enabled methods to create and regain population trust, blockchain use cases, e-residency and lessons learned. Private consultations and workshops are aimed to create a deeper understanding and solve a specific problem while designing e-services. Click for my services and topics.

About Anna 

I am an e-governance expert and enthusiast sharing knowledge and experience building and living in digital society as well as helping to build zero-bureaucracy around the world. Inspired by the technological revolution, my mission since 2007 is to help others understanding the design principles behind building a successful digital society and transformation with the support of my consultancy company Analogy. Read the story about me and how I got there.

"It is time for the Digital Enlightenment, losing the old authorities and creating a user-centric, efficient and transparent service delivery system for the citizens."