My name is Anna Piperal and I am an e-governance expert and enthusiast, but people often call me e-Estonia Ambassador for sharing knowledge and experience building and living in digital society as well as helping to build zero-bureaucracy around the world. 

Living in a digital society of Estonia with technology governance and public administration education, forged me, my beliefs and passion to spread the benefits of technology for good governance and public wellbeing around the world. For years I have studied the essence of e-Estonia, from policy-making to technologies used, studied the impact and effects of living in a digital society with a goal to share these findings with the world to almost 3000 top-level state and business delegations. Since 2010 I have been providing such briefings to thousands of decision-makers including Angela Merkel, over 40 presidents, numerous ministers, and even a few kings at the e-Estonia Showroom, consulting private companies and presenting ideas at international conventions over past 8 years. society. I have traveled the world to gain an understanding of historical and cultural aspects, technology acceptance level, social and political fears and influences for building a digital society. 

From 2015 I was leading the branding of e-Estonia in a state agency, working closely with the best IT companies in Estonia and supported the introduction of Estonian blockchain to the EU. I have contributed to many international cooperation projects and events and provided valuable insights to international leaders as well as helped them finding IT partners.  

I have expertise in e-governance and public administration, branding and marketing as well as public speaking.

In particular, I do research in the field of creating trust between the citizens and the state using technology as a tool, provide insights from the marketing perspective of introducing and popularizing e-services usage. Only effective and used e-services can create value for both citizens and the state, and while slow uptake and distrust towards e-services have caused problems internationally, creating trust and raising awareness is of key importance. It became my mission to help others get there via my consultancy company Analogy.

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  • Tallinn University of Technology, BA Public Administration, MA Technology Governance 
  • Marketing University
  • Languages: English, Estonian, Russian